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President's Message

Dedicating to the manufacturing of Mechanical Products for FUTURE with Proven Performance and Stable Growth

President's Message

Time files…. In 1946(just after World War II), Sano Plant Co., Ltd. was established in Kobe by the founder, which some metal processing techniques was based. Since then, for over 70 years, SANO has been responding to the needs of the various industries through constant and various vicissitudes of the time and age.

First, we always consider the confidence and satisfaction from the user and customer through our resposibility and in good faith.

We respectfully appreciate your through understanding, support and great continued patronage in the stable growth and development of our business.

Recently, the echnomy and industry in Japan have made the rapid progression of the Globalization and under the circumstances in unlimited innovation for technologies and value of the products, we have been expanding the production network in China and Philiippines. We are making the best efforts and investment to meet the customer demand and request. Also, we are always considering as the role of '' Suggestion '' and '' Proposal'' for the customers in the concept of advanced technical information know -how through Value Analysis(VA) and Value Engineering(VE).

Thank you very much for your kind understanding and best support.

President Toshio Sano

Sano Plant Co., Ltd (SPC)