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May, 1946
Established Sano Plant at Nagata, Kobe by the founder, Kunio Sano and made first supply of parts to Nippon Hatsudo K.K and Kawamura Sangyo Co., Ltd
May, 1959
Move and Built new factory at same area in Nagata for increasing the order and supply to Teikoku Car Corp., Kawasaki Heavy Industries, DX Antenna etc.
Nov, 1959
Founded Sano Plant Co., Ltd in the capital amont of JP 500,000.- and founder, Kunio
Sano was appointed as President and after then, the capital amount was increased by JPY 15Millions
Feb, 1961
Built No.2 Factory at same area at Nagata for increasing the orders and supply to DX Antenna, Osaka Econ etc.
Feb, 1963
Purchased the other factory at Nada, Kobe for increasing the orders and efficient operations
Feb, 1973
Miyoko Sano was appointed as the President.
Aug, 1975
Newly built the factory and move to the current place, Kakogawa, Hyogo.
Sept, 1979
Expanding the factory area of about 210m2 for increasing the production capability for Precision Sheet Metal Works.
Oct, 1986
Miyoko Sano was appointed as Chairman and Kunihiro Sano and Toshio Sano were appointed as representing directors
Oct, 1988
Expanding the factory area of 1,210m2 for increasing the production capability
Nov, 1993
Got the approval of '' Excellent Company '' from Kakogawa Tax Office, Osaka Regional Taxation Bureau.
Sept, 1994
Founded Sano Co., Ltd for the purpose of the business for China
Hidetoshi Sano was appointed as President for this company.
May, 1995
Started the productions both at Foshan, Guangdong Prov. And Fuzhou, Fujian Prov. In P.R.China.
May, 1996
Celebrating the 50th year anniversary
Oct, 2000
Got ISO9001 QMS certification
Nov, 2000
Toshio Sano was appointed as President.
Dec, 2005
Movde the production site at Foshan to Dongguan, Guangdong
Dec, 2008
Established ERP system for the sales control.
Feb, 2010
Got ISO14001 EMS certification
Oct, 2010
Started the production Control System APC21 made by AMADA Co., Ltd.
Apr, 2012
Got ISO9001 & ISO14001 Integrated Management System Certifcatation
June, 2014
Established Overseas Subsidiary Company Sano Seisakusyo Philippine Inc, (SSPI) and got PEZA approval.
May, 2015
Started the production at SSPI.
May, 2016
Celebrating the 70th anniversary
Feb, 2018
Renewal of ISO 9001& ISO14001 Integrated Management System by DNV・GL on 2015 version